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Dashboard users with the Admin and Org manager user roles can see a preview screen of the tour’s route and route statistics upfront before creating the tour. The Merger now supports merging of partially dispatched bookings, excluding stops from tours, setting tour capabilities and adding a text note.



Support for Partial Dispatching

The Merger supports dispatching only some of the stops of a booking into a tour. Users can exclude individual stops from multiple bookings from the tour by clicking the ‘trash’ bin.



Introduction of a Map to view routes

We have added a map to the Merger which provides a preview of the route. The stops and pins on the map will get updated if the order of stops changes, route is optimized for distance or if a user removes stops.

Stops and pins are numbered for users to link corresponding stops from the list.



Introduction of tour statistics

  • Optimization statistics are displayed (distance and duration) in the preview screen once the ‘Optimize for distance’ button is clicked.



Support for Timeslots

We’ve recently introduced Timeslot management on stop level, as it previously was only available on the booking level. If the expected_arrival_at and/ or expected_departure_at times are provided on a stop, we display the time in the Merger as such:

  • If onlyexpected_arrival_at is provided, the time is displayed as ‘Expected: <time>’.


  • If only expected_departure_at is provided, the time will be displayed as ‘Expected: <time> or earlier’.


  • If both times are provided, the time is displayed as a range, for example ‘Expected: <time> - <time>’.



Support for ETA preview

  • Once the tour is optimized for distance, the ETA per stop is displayed. Delays are indicated in red.



Support for drag-n-drop

Besides rearranging stops using arrows, the Merger offers the option to adjust the order by dragging and dropping them.


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