MotionTools Updates October 2022

Our team has been working to bring you new features and product enhancements and we would love to present them to you with this update!


Building your business

  • [Customize your default display options]: In the dashboard you can flexibly configure, which attributes of a booking are shown. Which attributes are shown can be managed by users via the ‘Display options’. MotionTools now supports customizing default values for the display options. This means you can decide which options should be visible to your users, per default. Users can still override it but might not have to, if you make sure that the default values make sense for your team! Get in touch with to perform your desired adjustments!
  • [Developer documentation]: We have added the documentation for an existing endpoint #ShowHailingBooking, which allows you to request details on a specific booking.


Planning & monitoring your operations

  • [Tour builder previews]: As soon as the tour is optimized, the Merger now shows a route preview, the total distance as well as the duration. Additionally, it shows an estimated time of arrival for each stop. Please refer to Recent improvements: Merger for more details.
  • [Delay indication]: We now calculate and display the ETA for all stops in an ‘En Route’ booking. If the expected arrival and departure times are provided on a stop, we compare the expected arrival time with the ETA and indicate the delay if present. Please refer to Timeslot management for further details.
  • [Booking management]: Introduced a ‘priority’ field on stops to help drivers and dispatchers identify high priority stops more easily.


Getting the job done

  • [New flow option]: MotionTools supports a new pricing and payment flow in which workers in the MotionTools app won’t see the pricing & payments confirmation screens before completing the booking. Please contact us if you want to enable this flow.
  • [Editing active tours]: Drivers are now able to change the order of stops of an active tour directly in the MotionTools app. This is helpful in situations where drivers need to deviate from the suggested route to execute a tour more efficiently.


Delighting your customers

  • [Providing ETAs via API]: Introduced ongoing, live ETAs on stop level for bookings/ tours that are ‘En Route’ to indicate the minutes to stop arrival and/ or completion. End-customers can now be informed about the driver’s estimated time of arrival using this endpoint. More details about this endpoint can be found in #HailingBookingETAs API docs.
  • [Public tracking page]: Your customers can now track a stop’s status, driver location and (soon) an ETA via the public tracking page. This feature is publicly available, live-updated, white-labeled and localized. The viewer does not need to be a registered Customer in MotionTools. See Public tracking page for more information.
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