Updating a tour with Quick Edit


The Quick Edit feature allows Admins and Org managers to update a tour's route by reordering and removing stops. A tour can be edited in all statuses except when it has been operationally completed: On Hold, Pickable, Scheduled, Looking for Drivers, Assigning, Claimed, and En Route.



Use cases for using Quick Edit

  • An Admin or Org manager has created a tour but needs to make changes to the route. For example, they may want to optimize the route through manual or automatic reordering or remove some stops.
  • The driver starts the tour too late and can’t complete all stops on time. An Admin or Org manager can decide to remove some stops from this tour and give them to another driver.
  • A booking or tour was merged with the ongoing tour, and the tour’s route should be re-optimized.


How to use Quick Edit

  1. Click on the three dots on the Booking card and select Quick Edit.
  2. In the Quick Edit preview, use the arrows or drag-n-drop to reorder stops.
  3. Click on the Trash bin icon to remove a stop.
  4. Select a Start and optionally an End stop, choose your optimization algorithm and click Optimize to optimize the route.
  5. Click on Update tour to apply changes.


In-app notification for updated booking

If a tour is En Route, the driver will be notified in the app about the updated route.


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