Updating a tour with Quick Edit


The Quick Edit feature lets dispatchers update a tour's route by adding, removing, and reordering stops. If a tour stop has packages attached, Quick Edit also allows removing those packages. A tour and each stop can be edited in all statuses except when it has been operationally completed.


Saving changes and notifying drivers

All changes made in Quick Edit are saved automatically as you make them. If it's an En Route tour, a driver will be notified about the route changes. To avoid overwhelming a driver with notifications, Quick Edit regulates the notification flow: a driver will receive one notification for all changes made in the past 30 seconds. There is one exception: if you change a driver's next stop, the notification will be sent without any delay. This ensures a driver can divert from the previous route immediately.

Reordering stops and optimizing a route

To optimize the route manually, simply drag-and-drop stops. For automatic optimization, make sure there is a stop marked as Route Start and click the Optimize button.


MotionTools offers multiple optimization strategies, which you can select from the Optimize button. The default option, Optimize for time, minimizes the time a driver spends on the road. Learn more about optimization strategies in this article.

Adding a new stop

Quick Edit allows you to add a stop from Saved places. Click the Add Saved Place button, and the new stop will appear at the end of the route. Select the stop type and the place from the dropdown, then click Confirm. Now, you can re-optimize the tour if needed.


Removing stops

To remove a stop, click the trash bin icon and confirm the removal. If a stop you want to remove was dispatched from a booking, you can choose to remove all stops that were dispatched from that booking.

If a stop has packages, you need to remove all packages first. Expand the package list, remove the packages, and the stop will be automatically removed from the route.


Removing duplicate stops

The Stop deduplication feature automatically identifies and removes duplicate stops from the route. To use it, click the Deduplicate stops button. Learn more about stop deduplication in this article.


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