Create a package without known coordinates


To get a basic understanding of how Packages work, please read Packages.

Besides creating packages with exact coordinates or textual addresses, the MotionTools platform also supports creating packages without a known (or valid) destination address or any coordinates.

Either the owning customer or an admin needs to provide a valid address (or coordinates) at a later point in order for the packages initially created without a known destination to be eligible for shipping.


How does this feature work

  • Packages with unknown coordinates, invalid textual addresses or lack of both can still get created
  • Should the geocoding fail, packages will be flagged with a status ‘Destination needed’ ( destination_needed). Users will be able to filter for these packages with the status and edit those invalid addresses manually via the Packages dashboard.
    • Permissions: Admins and Customers owning the packages have the ability to update the destination of packages with a status ‘Destination needed’
  • Packages that have been updated to have a valid destination address will be pushed automatically to either the ‘Created’ or ‘At Hub’ statuses, depending on the shipment origin. Learn more about Package statuses.



This is an opt-in feature that is present in the Customer’s profile details via the dashboard, and is turned off by default. Only Admins have the permissions to enable or disable the toggle.



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