Setting up a MotionTools connection on Zapier


This article explains how to connect your MotionTools account with our very own Zapier app. Learn more about the MotionTools Zapier app here.


Setup guide

You are required to set up a MotionTools account to use in the the MotionTools Zapier app. An account is identified through an API token that first you need to generate through your MotionTools Dashboard. See Create an API key to learn how to create an API token. API tokens can be generated both by Admin and Customer accounts.

Next, click on Connect a new account to connect MotionTools to the Zapier app by providing a meaningful name to the new connection, and the API token generated previously. To learn more about Zapier app connections, see here.


Once this connection is authenticated and successful, you will be able to use the MotionTools Zapier app. Should you have any questions regarding setting up, please reach out to

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