MotionTools Zapier app


The MotionTools Zapier app connects the functionality of the MotionTools platform to the vast ecosystem of integrations available on Zapier. This connection enables ambitious logistics operators to easily import data into the platform using no-code, while connecting to their favorite sources such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Google Sheets or others.

To take it a step further, our Zapier app supports event triggering via custom workflows whenever the status of a booking, a stop or a package changes, and/ or whenever a booking or package is created.



Supported actions and triggers


  • 1-stop booking creation
  • 2-stop booking creation

Event triggers

  • Booking created
  • Booking status update
  • Booking stop status update
  • Package created
  • Package status update


Booking creation

There are multiple ways of importing bookings into MotionTools via the Zapier app.

As showcase, we will cover 2 use cases below: CSV import via email and connecting a shop platform, in this case Shopify. However, given how vast the Zapier integration ecosystem is we are confident that you will be able to implement your desired workflow using our Zapier App, even if it’s different from the two cases we present below.


Custom workflows creation: Event triggers

Set up your custom workflows such as sending email to receive notifications based on our Webhook events, or sending data to trigger Slack notifications, update CRM like Hubspot and many more.

The list of supported events are as follows:


We are excited to see what integrations you will build with the MotionTools Zapier app, and if you encounter any issues feel free to contact

Start building today! 🛠️

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