Managing organizations


The Managing Organization feature allows dispatchers to attach specific organizations to a booking or tour. Only drivers and org managers from those organizations will be able to see and be allowed to carry out this booking or tour.

Attaching a managing organization when creating a booking

A dispatcher with an admin role can attach managing organization when creating a booking by passing organization IDs in the managing_organizations attribute. Refer to the API documentation.

Attaching a managing organization after a booking or a tour is created

After a booking or tour is created, dispatchers with an admin role can attach or remove managing organizations via API or the Dashboard.

If a booking or tour hasn't been started or claimed by a specific driver, changing managing organizations will remove the booking or tour from the Pickable or Scheduled lists of ineligible drivers (i.e., drivers not employed by selected managing organizations). This also withdraws those drivers from the ongoing assigning process (i.e., when a booking or tour is in Looking for drivers or Assigning statuses).

On the Dashboard

On the Dashboard, setting up managing organizations is a part of the assigning workflow and happens in the Preferred Drivers popover.

If a booking or tour has managing organizations, only drivers from those organizations can be made preferred or force-assigned. Only managing organization selected.png

If a booking or tour doesn’t have a managing organization but has a preferred driver(s), an active driver (a driver who’s carrying out a booking or who completed it), then only the organizations of that driver(s) can be set as a managing organization. Assigned driver exists.png

If a booking or tour has a managing organization and it has a preferred driver(s) or an active driver from that organization, then lists limit each other. If a dispatcher wants to assign a booking or tour to a driver who is not part of the selected managing organization, the dispatcher needs to remove that organization first. Driver and Managing organization selected.png

Filtering bookings and tours by managing organizations

A filter on the Bookings, Tours, and Operations pages allows dispatchers to find bookings and tours managed by a specific organization.

Managing organizations filter.png

Viewing managing organizations on the Details page

If managing organizations are set for a booking or tour, they are displayed on the Details page. Clicking on the name will navigate to the Organization details page.

Managing organizations on Details page.png

Managing organization inheritance

  • When bookings are merged into tours, managing organizations of the booking are merged into the resulting tour.
  • MotionTools doesn't make any changes to managing organizations when stops are inserted into an existing tour or removed from a tour.
  • Managing organizations aren’t synced between parent bookings and tours. I.e., updating managing organization on a tour doesn’t update them on the corresponding bookings and vice versa.

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