Release Notes March 2024

Feature highlight: Quick Edit



The Quick Edit feature has been revamped to offer more editing options. Dispatchers can now view and remove packages from stops, add new stops from Saved Places, and automatically remove stop duplicates. All changes made in Quick Edit are now saved automatically as they are made.


Quick Edit is one of the most frequently used features on the Dashboard. By introducing more editing options and effortless change saving, we aim to enhance the efficiency of operations management and provide a smoother user experience. Learn more about new Quick Edit capabilities in our Help Center.


Improving efficiency and user experience, as well as supporting more delivery operation types, remains a priority for us. In the coming months, expect to see support for PDF documents on tours, consignee names on proofs of delivery, and a new package scanner for hub workers.


More features and updates

Working hours on Saved places

Dispatchers and customers will be able to define working hours for Saved places. Working hours will be automatically used to prefill the earliest and latest arrival times when creating a stop from a Saved place and considered when optimizing the tour route. The feature will become available on the Dashboard in early April. Learn more about working hours on Saved places in the Help Center.

Direct package deliveries

Packages can now be sent directly to their destinations, skipping a stop at a hub. If you're delivering packages, your dispatchers will see a new option in the Package Dispatcher, suggesting a choice between sending a newly created package to one of the hubs or directly to the recipient. Learn more about Package dispatching in the Help Center.

Force completing a tour

The option to force complete a tour is now available to all tenants. This feature was previously only available to tenants without payments, but this restriction has been removed.

Support for Quantity in the Package Importer

You can now specify the number of packages when creating them in bulk via a CSV file upload. This feature is useful when you need to create multiple identical packages, and it's much simpler than repeating rows in the file. Download the updated CSV template from the Dashboard and learn more about Package Importer in our Help Center.

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