Introducing a new way of setting the time of a booking

Customers and dispatchers can use the web booker to create bookings and are required to set a pickup time. This week, we are rolling out a change to how the time is defined. 


How it works at the moment

Users first define a pickup stop, then a drop-off stop and then a date and time for the pickup, independently of the stops.

Additionally, it is possible to set timeslots on each stop, which will define a time window in which a driver should be arriving at the stop (learn more about timeslots in this dedicated article). 



Why this is not ideal

It is not necessary to have two separate pickup times in one booking, of which one is set on booking level and a second one is set on the first stop. It's actually more work and can be rather confusing if the times are not the same.


How it will be after the change

The start time of a booking will be derived automatically off of the requested arrival time of the first stop. While it will be optional to set full timeslots on all stops, it will be mandatory to set at least the arrival time on the first stop. 


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