Release Notes May 2024

Feature highlight: Home Page for Customers



We’ve introduced a new version of the Home Page for customers.


The new page is visually aligned with our dashboard's updated design language. It also gives a better overview of bookings and packages and offers quick access to frequently used features.


The new Webbooker is coming next. Soon, customers will be creating bookings and packages from a single, unified interface updated to the latest standards.


More features and updates

A new way to set the start time of a booking

Until recently, customers were defining the start time of a booking independently from the arrival time at the first stop. This approach to booking scheduling was a bit confusing to customers, so we changed it. Now, the time is set only in one place: the details of the first stop. Learn more about the change in this article.

Support for Consignee’s name

We introduced a consignee’s name attribute linked to the “signature” proof of stop completion. When a driver collects a signature from a person at a stop, the app will prompt to enter that person’s name. The name will then be displayed on the Dashboard next to the signature. Learn more about supported proof of completion types in our Help Center.

Introduction of Service descriptions

We’ve introduced internal and external service descriptions. External descriptions are visible to customers on the Webbooker and Home Page, while internal descriptions are only visible to admins in Service settings. Descriptions can help clarify the differences between services and explain how each service will be performed, addressing often users’ struggles to understand these details. Learn more about Services in our Help Center.

Force-ending Dispatched and Partially dispatched bookings

Admins can now complete Dispatched and Partially dispatched bookings from the Dashboard. This change addresses situations where drivers have completed stops without using the Driver app or when explicit completion of all stops isn’t required.

Dropping support for iOS 13 and 14

The next versions of the Driver app for iOS won’t support iOS 13 and 14. We’re dropping these older versions to streamline development and take advantage of the latest features and security improvements in newer iOS versions and internal libraries we use.

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