Release Notes June 2024

Feature highlight: Tour services



We are introducing Tour services alongside Booking services.


With this change, we start to clearly differentiate between services offered to customers (Booking services) and those requested from drivers (Tour services). This differentiation increases the configurability of MotionTools which means that operators can adjust the behaviour even more towards their individual needs. This iteration is part of an ongoing series of improvements to strengthen the concept of tours. At its core, it enables operators to increase their efficiency by bundling various bookings from multiple customers into hig hly optimized tours for drivers. Learn more about Services in our Help Center.


We’ll further improve how operators can adjust MotionTools to their needs e.g. by better configuring the dispatching rules for the different booking services. This will e.g. include which type of tour building is allowed as well as which assigning rules should be applied manually or automatically. We’ll also streamline the experience for dispatchers by ensuring that all bookings will be converted into tours before being assigned to drivers, which will make it easier to deal with changes in operations e.g. such as adding new bookings to an already ongoing tour.


More features and updates

Support for PDF documents

We’ve completed the implementation of PDF document support. This feature allows attaching documents to bookings, tours, and individual stops. The documents are then visible to drivers, ensuring they have access to all delivery details needed to carry out a tour. This feature is currently in opt-in mode, so please contact our team if you want to give it a try.

New metrics on tours (API Only)

We’ve expanded the range of tour metrics we collect. In addition to estimated duration and distance, we now gather data on package metrics, such as the total number and weight of transported packages and the counts of delivered versus failed packages. We also track the actual duration of a tour, the total number of stops, and the number of failed stops. Currently, these statistics are available via API only, but they will appear on the Dashboard in the coming weeks.

Streamlined Origin address input for packages (API Only)

Customers can now create packages without first creating a Saved Place for the origin address. Simply providing the address will automatically create a Saved Place along with the package. If a Saved Place with the same address already exists, it will be used as the package’s origin. The feature is currently available via API only and will be added to the Dashboard in the coming weeks.

Restricted Saved Place updates and customer anonymization

To ensure smooth operations, we now prevent updates or archiving of a Saved Place if it has undelivered or non-canceled packages associated with it. The same principle now applies to customer accounts: they can't be anonymized as long as they have active bookings or undelivered packages.

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