This article describes what Capabilities are and how to customize them to suit your business needs.

Capabilities help transportation and delivery companies offer customers booking options that fit with their business logic.

Capabilities define categories and key attributes of a booking. For example, an account can offer a Vehicle size capability and define multiple options such as Small truck, Medium truck, and Large truck.

Capabilities that a customer selects can impact which drivers the booking can be assigned to, and the price of the booking.



Grouping capabilities into Services

Capabilities can be grouped to create multiple Services. For example, a Vehicle type Capability can be created with the following options: Bike, Car, Small truck, and Large truck. From here you can create two services: Bike and Car options will be grouped to create a Delivery service, and Small and Large truck options will form the Moving service.


Advantages of Capabilities

Capabilities help your transportation and delivery company design your own business logic and to structure your Bookings with categories or job types.

Capabilities can be relevant to Drivers, if 'Affects matching' is enabled. More at Basic capability matching.

Capabilities are also relevant to Customers if they use the platform to create bookings and when pricing is enabled. 


Creating, editing and customizing Capabilities

The Capability list can be tailored to suit your business specifications. Please reach out to to discuss these capabilities to configure for your business.


Attributes of a capability

Define the attributes of your capability type:

  • Each capability has certain attributes, such as a key which is used on API level, UI layout for the Webbooker, list order position, Affects matching, Show in Overview, Details screen visibility, overview icon and a translation for enabled languages.


Attributes of a Capability option

Define the attributes of your capability option:

  • Each option has a key which is used on API level, Details screen visibility, position, image and a translation for enabled languages.


Basic capability matching

You can define whether a capability is 'information only' or 'affects matching'. If a capability affects matching, then all requested capabilities have to match the driver's capability. The driver needs to select the capability to go online with, which results in only seeing bookings that are matching with that capability.

A match is successful if the driver's capability is the same or is 'higher' than requested. For example, a car can fulfill bookings that request for a bike, but not for a truck.

The capability values are ranked by linear order, from 1 to n, whereas n is the highest capability value. This capability order can be adjusted via the position for the capability option.


Setting Capabilities as a driver

When going online, drivers need to set their capabilities to determine which type of job or booking would be matched. Drivers will only receive instant bookings that match the Capability they went online with.

For example, a booking that requires a small truck has been created. If the driver sets his capability as 'small truck' when going online, the booking will be matched. Otherwise, if his capability is set as 'bike', the booking will not be matched.

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