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This article explains what the Driver app is and what drivers can do with it. The driver app for iOS and Android is the main tool for drivers to accept suitable Bookings or Tours and execute them.



Logging in for the first time

To log into the driver app for the first time, a driver needs to be initially invited by an Admin or an Organization manager via the Dashboard. Once invited, the driver must complete the sign up process in the app. Learn more about how to manage and onboard users here.


Receiving bookings or tours

To receive eligible bookings or tours in the driver app, drivers need to indicate their availability by going online. The current status of the driver can be seen by an admin and an organization manager on the dashboard. An admin and or an organization manager is also allowed to send the driver offline if needed.


Executing bookings and tours

Bookings and Tours that a driver sees in the Driver app can be direct bookings from individual Customers or bundled bookings, which are called tours, that were combined by an admin or an organization manager out of multiple customer bookings. The route of a tour can be optimized by various optimization goals and under several restrictions.

The information the driver sees in the app and tasks they need to complete at each stop can be customized. Customizations can include requiring proofs of stop completion, displaying custom content at stops, support of different payment methods, and more. Please reach out to our Customer Success team to learn more about available customizations.

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