This page explains the key features of pricing. Pricing features need to be turned on by the Customer Success team and can be configured via the Dashboard.

Pricing enables a Tenant to automatically calculate prices for Hailing bookings and Packages based on a certain set of criteria such as distance, time, or service levels.


Key features

Configuration options

The MotionTools platform supports multiple pricing modes:

  • No pricing
  • Upfront price calculation based on a Price matrix
  • Taximeter-based pricing


No pricing

In this mode, the MotionTools platform does not perform price calculations. On the platform side all created Bookings are free of charge.


Upfront price calculation based on a price matrix

The price matrix mode allows tenants to offer flexible pricing that reflects their business structure, logic, and goals. The price matrix defines prices for all possible combinations of Capabilities and Service areas. The price matrix is defined for each Hailing service.

The final price of a booking gets calculated using price modifiers.


Price modifiers

'Base price'

  • The minimum price of a booking. The base price is always added to the total price independently of the values of any other modifiers.


'Distance included' and 'Price per extra km'

  • Setting these modifiers enables distance-based pricing.
  • A tenant can define the number of kilometers included in the base price as distance included and set the price per extra kilometer.
  • The distance that the pricing is based on is calculated upfront using Google Maps routing. The price will not be recalculated after the booking completion, even if a Driver takes a route different to the one the price was based on.
  • If a tenant wants to apply pricing that is only based on distance, the base price and the distance included should both be set to 0.


'Price per extra stop' and 'Distance included per extra stop'

  • Since every additional stop requires additional effort from a driver, a tenant can define a fixed fee per each extra stop as price per extra stop and include additional kilometers into that fee.


'Price per extra minute'

  • Setting this modifier enables overtime pricing. It only works if a tenant created a duration Capability.
  • With overtime pricing enabled, the final price of a booking is recalculated based on the actual time a driver spends on it if the booking lasts longer than planned. For example, if a Customer books a duration of 2 hours but the actual booking takes 2 hours and 10 minutes, the cost will be increased to reflect the extra 10 minutes.


Taximeter-based pricing

When taximeter-based pricing is enabled, the final price of a booking will not be shown to a customer upfront. A driver enters the final price manually after completing the last stop.

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