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This article highlights the improvements made to the Booking card to improve user experience and feature functionality.

You might have noticed changes to the booking card. We have been shipping new improvements to improve your user experience. In this article we highlight the enhancements made to the booking card on the booking map view.



Display options

Visibility of booking attributes can be toggled on booking and stop levels independently and more granularly to support hiding information that is irrelevant to the set up.



Dispatcher experience

Booking-level information

  • Date is displayed next to the time for dispatchers to identify the booking’s scheduled date at a glance.
  • Reworked the ‘Tour’ label from an icon to identify driver tours from customer bookings more easily.

Stop-level information

  • Stops are numbered on the booking card to help users understand if it is a multi-stop booking. In the near future, the stops on the map will be numbered as well.
  • Added the ‘Planned arrival’ attribute that displays ETA and/ or delays directly on the booking card without having to go into the booking details page. Learn more about Hailing booking: Timeslot management.
  • Stop statuses such as 'Arrived', 'Collecting proofs' and 'Completed' are displayed next to each stop for easy reference.


New action bar

  • The most important actions are now gathered in one place within each booking card.
  • Self-explanatory buttons are used instead of pure icon-based buttons to help new users onboard to the features quickly.
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