Pakete ausliefern mit der Fahrer App


After a package tour has been created, it will be dispatched to drivers for executing the pickup and drop-off. Similar to bookings bundled into tours, pickup and drop-off tours for packages are just tours with the addition of packages to be collected or distributed on stops. Drivers will scan packages at each stop to confirm package pickup and delivery and are given options to indicate if a package has failed to be picked up and/ or delivered.


Execute a pickup and drop-off tour

  1. Start a booking in the MotionTools app by selecting a booking from the Pickable booking list or a scheduled booking which can be claimed in the ‘Requests’ tab, and be started from the ‘Upcoming’ tab.
    • Admins can also force-assign tours to drivers which will automatically start the booking on their behalf.
  2. You’ll notice that each stop contains a list of packages. Navigate to the first stop and once you’ve arrived, slide the ‘Slide when arrived’ slider at the stop.
  3. Launch the package scanner and point your camera at the package labels or check packages in manually by clicking on each package.
  4. If a package was not present or is damaged, drivers can select “Mark as failed” next to the package and select a reason for failure. Read Package failure reasons for more information on how to set them up.
  5. Complete the proof of delivery at the stop by adding either a note, a signature or a photo. The proof of delivery is visible on the Package Details page to admins and customers.
  6. Proceed with the next stop and repeat the steps from Step 2.


Package failure reasons

If a package can’t be checked in on a stop due to any reason, drivers should mark the package as ‘failed’. The status of the package changes to ‘Failed’.


  • Admins can provide a list of supported failure reasons per stop type (pickup, drop-off) via the dashboard.
  • The note can be made mandatory for some failure reasons, which is configurable directly in your dashboard.
    • Go to Settings > Packages from the left menu > Failure reasons
  • The provided reason is visible on the Package Details page to admins and customers.
  • Depending on whether failure reasons are configured, drivers aren’t required to provide a failure reason when failing a package.
  • A failed package can be recovered and re-dispatched with a new tour for another delivery attempt. Read Recover failed packages to learn how this is done.
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