Priorisierte Stopps


Stops that have been prioritized are marked with a flag to aid in communication between dispatchers and drivers, and helps to show which stops require closer attention.

In addition to prioritizing stops based on certain criteria, such as driver proximity (for instant bookings), scheduled_at, or created_at times, indicating a priority stop can support operations that require certain stops to take priority over others. It also allows high-priority stops to be easily identified and processed as efficiently as possible.





  • All user roles have visibility into the stops marked with high priority and are displayed in the dashboard, the Booking card and the MotionTools Driver app.
  • Customers and Dispatchers can edit the priority of a stop by editing stops details.
  • It's also possible to build Integrations that automatically mark stops as priority in certain situations via API.


Adding the priority flag

When creating a Booking or Tour (learn more about how to work with our API here), you can add the priority flag on stop level. You can find the full API documentation about this topic over here

"type": "pickup",
"flow": "full",
"priority": "normal"


Editing the priority flag

A priority flag can be edited via the Dashboard and via API by editing stop properties on the Booking and Tour Detail page. Simple find the stop you want to edit and click on the three dots to edit it and you will see the following popup:




Impact of the flag on different screens

When the priority attribute is set to “high”, a “Priority stop” flag is displayed next to the stop and is visible in the Booking card and in the app.

Map markers on map view



Booking & Tour card



Booking and tour details pages



Operations page



Driver app: Tours list



Driver app: Tour details screen


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