Navigating the Operations page


One of the goals of dispatchers is to ensure that bookings that are created, get successfully completed at the end of the shift/ day. The Operations page is aimed to make the process more efficient and as user-friendly as possible.


Tour building

Tours can be created from the Operations page directly.

  1. Select the bookings to be merged into a tour. Learn more about the various tour building features here.
  2. Select the tour building option and hit the button once again to create the tour.



Booking manipulation

Update tours via Quick edit

  1. Find a tour that is in On hold or En route status.
  2. Click on the three dots found in the action bar.
  3. Select Quick edit. Please refer to this guide to learn how to edit tour using this feature.



Dispatch a booking

If you have Manual dispatching enabled on your account, newly created bookings and tours will land in the On hold status. To make them visible to drivers, you will need to dispatch them.



Put a booking on hold

Putting a booking on hold hides its visibility from drivers in the MotionTools app. This action is helpful when a booking needs to be edited, or when a tour is still being built by dispatchers and not ready to be picked just yet.



Perform bulk actions for undispatching tours and cancelling bookings

Undispatching is useful in the event where bookings are merged by mistake and need to be taken out of the tour. Merged bookings can be reverted to their previous state (single bookings) by 'undispatching' the tour.



Booking assignment

With a few clicks, you can assign a booking to a driver and dispatch the booking with a few clicks.



Operations page demo

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