Masked communication


Masked communication enables logistics businesses to only expose as much information as needed to customers and drivers. To protect personal information in the case that drivers need to contact customers directly, we establish a secure connection using proxy numbers that ensures personal phone numbers don’t get exposed to either parties.



Making the unexpected more secure

Building software that doesn't only make operations processes more efficient, but also more secure has always been a guiding principle at MotionTools. To allow deliveries to be made, sharing some personal information between drivers and customers is unavoidable. Unpredictable events could always occur in the delivery process — an address might be hard to find, door bells can stop working unexpectedly, an outdated last name is used and the list goes on. In such cases it's important that drivers can contact customers directly to resolve the issue to ensure successful delivery.


How proxy phone numbers work

Masked communication uses proxy numbers to support drivers when requesting a secure communication channel instantly from the MotionTools app. Proxy phone numbers are localized to fit the local market. A temporary communication channel gets created on-demand and is used for the duration of the delivery until the recipient’s stop is completed.

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