Charging a security deposit


MotionTools can pre-authorize a security deposit when a customer pays for their booking with a credit card. This deposit is intended to cover price surcharges, such as distance or time-based fees, that may be added after the booking is completed. The amount of the security deposit is configurable through the price matrix for each combination of capabilities and service areas.

When MotionTools pre-authorizes a credit card, it includes the security deposit amount in the price. For instance, if the price is 10 EUR and the deposit is 20 EUR, the card will be pre-authorized for 30 EUR.

The deposit won’t be pre-authorized to the price in two cases: if the price is zero or if a customer pays for the booking after it has been completed.

Configuring a security deposit

To configure a security deposit amount, navigate to Settings → Price Matrix. The last column of the matrix displays the deposit amount. To modify it, download the price matrix CSV, adjust the amount, upload the file, and publish the changes. 

Settings - Price matrix.png

Customer experience

When a customer pays for a booking using a credit card, the security deposit amount is displayed next to the price.

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Once the booking is completed, the customer's card will be charged with the final price, and the difference between the price and pre-authorized amount will be immediately released. If the final price exceeds the pre-authorized amount, the payment will fail, and the customer will need to pay for the booking via the Booking Details page. For additional information, please refer to this article.

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