Setup of a white-label driver app

In order to setup a white-label driver app, please contact the customer success team of MotionTools. Please note that this is a extension and is not included in the regular base fee of your subscription.


In general MotionTools supports two modes of app publishing

    • Via the MotionTools store accounts
    • Via your own store accounts

No matter which publishing mode you choose, MotionTools will require some assets and content from you in order to be able to create a dedicated, white-labeled app for you. If you want to publish through your own store account, there is additional effort required on your end to prepare this and invite MotionTools to publish on your behalf. 


Required content for the app

Name of your app

We need a name for your app, which will then be shown to users of the store and also when downloading the app to a phone. If your configuration supports multiple languages, please provide a name for each language.


App icon

The image to use for the icon that will represent your App when downloaded to a phone. A user clicks on it t open it up. Please check the app store listing requirements below for more details.

Specification: JPG or PNG, 1024 × 1024px





Mobile Splash Background

Background image for mobile app splash screens - Please note that the background file should only contain the background and must not include a logo or any buttons

Specification: JPG or PNG, 1242x2688px


Splash screen logo

Your logo that will be shown on top of the mobile splash background when a user opens up the app. 

Specification: SVG


Sample of splash screen with background and logo


Push notification logo

The logo that will be shown on push notification. The logo has to be white and the background should be completely transparent. It also should be in a square format.


Required content for the app store listing

If you want to publish your own app, you will need to create your own store listing with Google Play for Android and/or the App Store for iOS. Both of the stores have their specific requirements for publishing apps on them.

Please learn about the exact specs directly from the stores:

- Requirements for the App store

- Requirements for the Play Store


Sample visuals for the store listing:



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