Credit card payments


This article introduces our payment method "credit card", which can be used by customers to pay for services of the operator:




Offering your customers to pay with credit cards can help to onboard smaller customer faster and with less effort, while reducing the risk of not getting paid. 

When does it make sense to use this feature?

  • If you want customers that use the Customer portal to create Bookings in a self serving way
  • If your customers that want to use credit card payments rather than pay via invoice.
  • If you want to allow new customers to signup and book directly without needing to check if they're eligible for the invoice payment.


  • An account at stripe, to process credit card payments 
  • Active subscription with MotionTools to use this feature 
  • The feature has been enabled by the customer success team of MotionTools

Customer Flow

  • After customer signup or login they can open the Webbooker.
  • At the bottom the new payment method "credit card" card add new card.png
  • The Customer can add a new credit card or choose an existing card choose existing card.png
    The credit card method is only visible to customers, not for admins who can created bookings in-behalf of customers. 

Security deposit

  • Customers get charged a security deposit if security deposit is set to above 0. The booking creation book will then only succeed if the pre-authorization for the given card didn't fail.
  • In case the pre-authorization failed the Error message: "Your card has been declined" card error message card declined.png
  • Depending on the bank of the credit card the pre-authorization might require a verification via push notification, text message, or another method chosen by the card additional verification.png
  • Once pre-authorization succeeded the Customer gets the "Booking created" popup.Booking created.png


Re-trigger payment for adjusted booking price

If an admin changes the booking price after creation and the custom price exceeds the original price, the credit card pre-authorization will be automatically cancelled. After the booking is operationally completed, a customer will receive an email notification instructing them to pay the updated amount on the dashboard. Learn more about charging a credit card with an adjusted booking price.



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