Create a customer


This article explains how to create a customer. MotionTools is build to work directly with customer accounts and all bookings belong to a customer. However, depending on the business models, these can also be internal customers. Per default, there is at least one example customer created. 


Create a customer

  1. Go to Customers tab on the Dashboard.
  2. Click on + button.
  3. Enter an email-address of a customer.
  4. Hit Create.

Using unique email addresses

MotionTools needs to be able to differentiate between the roles of an account. This is why different email-addresses are required when creating accounts for yourself as an Admin, as a Driver and as a Customer. If you want to act on behalf of a customer, we recommend staying logged in as an admin user and simply "book on behalf" an existing customer in the web booker. 


Inviting customer to the customer portal

If you want your customers to be able to create bookings in a self-serving way or at least log in to the customer portal to track the status of their bookings, you can send a welcome email to them. This means that they will be informed about their account and can set a password. You can also choose to initially create the account for yourself and only send a welcome email later. Creating customer accounts makes sense to be able to separate bookings from different customers, filter by them, set different pricing etc. 


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