Create a customer


This article explains how to create a customer on MotionTools. At least one customer account needs to be created in order to create bookings.  


Create a customer

  1. Go to Customers tab on the Dashboard.
  2. Click on + button.
  3. Enter an email-address of a customer.
  4. Hit Create.


Use a different email address from your Admin or Driver account

MotionTools needs to be able to differentiate between the roles of an account. This is why different email-addresses are required when creating accounts for yourself as an Admin, as a Driver and as a Customer.


Invite user for self-log-in process

This step is not required if a customer account is needed to create bookings in the Webbooker, as Admins can create bookings on behalf of customers.

For admins to log in the platform as a particular customer, simply log out of the current admin account and register a new user with a new email address.


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