An organization represents a team, a department, or a supplier. Each organization is managed by organization managers, has drivers, and can have a sub-fleet of vehicles available to drivers.



Creating an organization

An Organization can be created by an Admin via the Dashboard. To create an organization, the admin provides details such as an organization type, name, tax ID, and invoice address. Once the organization is created, the admin can invite Organization managers and Drivers and assign a sub-fleet of vehicles.


Organizations within the MotionTools ecosystem

  • Organizations are created by admins.
  • Organizations are managed by organization managers.
  • Drivers work for organizations.
  • Organizations can have a vehicle fleet that is available for drivers of the organization.
  • An organization can be linked to a certain Service area.
  • A driver can be automatically switched to another organization when entering a service area that is linked with that organization.
  • A Booking can be created for one or more specific organizations. Such bookings are only visible to drivers and organization managers of those organizations.
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