How to manage external suppliers using the organizations feature


Please read this Intro to Organizations first.

This article explains how to work with external suppliers and allowing them to manage their own drivers and operations using various features around "organizations", the the Organizations manager role to limit rights and data access as well as the managing organizations feature, which allows to assign either incoming bookings or previously built tours to organizations. 



Step-by-step guide

In order to get started with organizations, it's import to first create organizations in MotionTools for each external supplier and potentially even split them by the different service areas. An organization can but does not have to be assigned explicitly to a specific service. Read Manage service areas for more information on how to create a service area and what it is used for. 


But for now, let's get started with organizations and provide access to your suppliers via the org manager role:

  1. Click on Organizations when being logged in as an admin in the MotionTools dashboard.
  2. Click on the +Add button to create a new organizations and fill in the details about the organization.
  3. Navigate to the newly created organization and click General. Make sure that you have a unique service area assigned to this organization that is not being used by another organization.
  4. Click Business address and make sure to fill in all the required information.
    • Note: If this step is skipped, the Invite/ Add members buttons will be disabled and you will not be able to add members or drivers.
  5. Click Members on the left side of the dashboard to add organization managers that should manage the corresponding organization.
  6. Enter email address of the new member and click Invite, or
  7. Click Add existing members, search for a member and click Add to add an organization.
  8. Alternatively, org managers can be added via Settings > Members > Managers > Invite to organization > enter email address and select the organization > Invite.
  9. Admins can add another organization for an org manager via Settings > Members > Managers > click on the manager > Organizations > Add organization.



Organization managers

Managers can only see and interact with bookings or tours assigned to their organization/s. If no organization is attached, data will be visible to admins only but not to managers. Read more about attaching organizations id to a booking created via API here. It's also possible to assign organizations manually as an admin and our customer success team can help you implement automations to e.g. assign certain types of tours to certain organizations automatically.


Details about permissions of org managers: 

Managers can only manage users with the driver role that are assigned to their organization. They don’t see customers, admins or other managers.

Managers don’t have access to the Settings page. Therefore they cannot change Business details, Branding, Members, Saved places, Ops configurations, Service areas, Services, Push notifications or other settings. They also don’t have access to API Keys and Webhooks.



A driver needs to be assigned to one organization. If a specific organization is attached to a booking, only drivers part of this organization can see and interact with this booking. Read more about attaching organizations id to a booking created via API here.

The organization manager or an admin can switch the driver's organization while the driver is not on an active booking, has no claimed bookings and when no payment functionality is enabled. If your business requires drivers to switch easily between multiple organizations when they enter another service area, please reach out to to enable this configuration.




A vehicle can be sub-fleeted into an organization which only allows drivers and managers of that organization to access these assigned vehicles. These vehicles will not be visible to drivers and  managers who are not part of this organization even when they are online within the same service area.


Best practices for managing multiple organizations and service areas

Depending on your operational needs, there may be instances where you will need to create more than one organization e.g. having multiple hubs that function as darkstores or pickup locations for drivers.

Multiple service areas should also be created so that each organization is assigned to a unique service area that doesn’t overlap. We recommend creating smaller service areas of 200m radius around each hub, assign the service area to the organization and then assign the driver to the organization. Read Best practices for managing multiple hubs for instant delivery for more information.

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