Best practices for managing multiple hubs for quick commerce delivery


This article is relevant if you are doing 10 - 60min delivery, manage more than one hub and your drivers always deliver orders starting at the same hub. You can utilize service areas to filter bookings by hubs and organizations to make them visible to a group of drivers and managers only.


To make sure that bookings from different hubs don’t appear in the same list you can:

Create a service area for each hub

  1. Create a service area. Read Manage service areas.
  2. Set the service area's polygon to 200m radius around the hub.


This will make sure that:

  • Created orders get attached to the correct service area.
  • You can filter bookings by hub using the service area filters on the dashboard.
  • A driver will see only the bookings that have the same service area in which he’s currently online.


The service area is attached to a booking after its creation (looking at the lat & lng of the first stop).


Using the organization manager role

In order to use the org manager role you need to:

  1. Create an organization for each hub. Read Manage organizations for more information.

  2. Attach the organizations_id when creating a booking (via API only)


Attach the organizations_id in the "Create booking" API request

    • When creating bookings via API attach the organizations id (can be multiple) by mentioning "managing_organizations":[{"id":”orgid1","orgid2"...}]
    • With this the bookings are assigned to a specific organization/s, to make it visible to org managers and only visible for drivers that are part of that organization.

Sample request payload

// Headers 
// Authentication: Bearer <API Token> 
// Accept-Language: en-US 

// Payload 
  "booking": { 
   "customer_id": "641e839f-864e-4cce-98f9-40f6cbb3e9e0" 
   "requested_capabilities": { 
       "vehicle_type": "bike_cargo"
    "scheduled_at": "now", 
       "managing_organizations": [{"id":"2ce0194e-0ee7-45d3-a261-5919ed5a521b"}],
    "stops": [ 
        "city": "Hamburg", 
        "country": "Germany", 
        "lat": 53.633621999999995, 
        "lng": 9.9974128, 
        "street": "Hamburg Airport", 
        "type": "dropoff", 
        "zip_code": "22335" 
        "city": "Bezirk Altona", 
        "country": "Germany", 
        "lat": 53.5434024, 
        "lng": 9.9404465, 
        "street": "MotionTools", 
        "type": "pickup", 
        "zip_code": "22767" 
     "version": 2 


Invite org managers to your organizations

Learn how to invite org managers to your organizations here.



Invite or switch existing drivers to the right organization

Admins or organization managers can switch drivers organization on the drivers details page.


A driver can be automatically switched to another organization when entering a service area that is linked with that organization.

For this each Service Areas must be mapped to one Organization on the Organization details page.
If you'd like to enable the easy-switch of a driver’s organization, please reach out to our CS team.


More information on how to onboard and manage drivers here.

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