Bulk import bookings via the Bookings importer


This article explains how to create a booking via the Bookings importer as an Admin. This feature is not available to the Customer user role.


Step-by-step guide

MotionTools will only read data from the CSV template provided. Please make sure to use this template to avoid running into issues.

  1. Click on the Import bookings icon.
  2. Download the CSV template.
  3. Edit the CSV template with additional bookings and details in their respective columns.
    • Note: Not all address components are mandatory. You can either provide an address (house number, street, postal code) or just the coordinates (lat & long) if the address is not available. See here for more information.
  4. Save it as a new CSV file.
  5. Click Upload CSV, select a customer, a date and time the booking(s) should be scheduled for.
    • Now ⇒ Instant/ Pickable bookings
    • Scheduled ⇒ Scheduled in advance for a later time
  6. Hit Submit booking.



Optional fields


Add Metadata such as an external order id to bookings by adding a new column to the CSV template.


Examples of metadata on bookings:

  • Metadata: external_id => Add metadata with key external_id
  • Metadata: delivery_attempt => Add metadata with key delivery_attempt
  • Metadata: vehicle_vin => Add metadata with key vehicle_vin
  • Metadata: vehicle_licence_plate => Add metadata with key vehicle_licence_plate


Coordinates: Latitude & Longitude

The CSV template supports importing bookings that contain only coordinates (address not required). Admins can choose to provide only the latitude and longitude of the pickup and drop-off stops if the address is not available.

If you choose to provide coordinates instead of addresses, both the lat and long on a stop are mandatory fields. If either of the fields are missing the information, an error will be returned.



Linking a stop to a Saved place in the Bookings CSV importer

The new CSV template also supports linking Stops to existing Saved places instead of new addresses with the new columns: “Pickup: place ID” and “Drop-off: place ID”. Columns are optional, so we maintain backward compatibility with the previous CSV templates. Read more about benefits of using Saved places.


Supported bookings structure

We support importing 1-stop and 2-stop bookings — however, bookings must have the same structure per CSV file. Example:

  • All bookings must be 2 stops or
  • All pickup stops only (1 stop) or
  • All drop-off stops only (1 stop)

If a CSV file contains 1-stop and 2-stop bookings, or a compilation of pickup and drop-off 1-stop bookings, the Bookings importer will not proceed with booking creation.

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