The Stop group feature allows linking multiple consecutive stops together so completing the first stop will complete all stops in the group. This is particularly useful when a tour is created from multiple bookings that include stops at the same location, for example, a hub. Without stop groups, drivers would have to repeatedly complete this hub stop before moving to the next stop or completing a tour.

Grouping stops

Stop grouping is currently available via API only. To group stops, provide a value for the group attribute on the stop level. You can add a group when creating a booking or add it to any existing booking as long as the stop is in the scheduled status, meaning that a driver has not yet started driving to that stop. Note that when you change the group of a tour stop, the update is propagated to the parent stop and vice versa.

Please refer to our API documentation for examples of requests and responses: Creating a booking and Managing groups.

Impact on the active booking flow

Completing the first stop of the group will complete all consecutive stops in the group. Grouping will be ignored when:

- The custom content differs between the grouped stops
- The configuration of proof of stop completion differs between the grouped stops
- There are packages on a stop

Note that the same set of proofs of stop completion collected by the driver when completing the first stop will be automatically added to each stop in the group.

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