Proof of completion


Proof of completion is a record that has been acknowledged by the recipient, which confirms the correct delivery was received and in expected condition. POC can be used for documenting delivery or task statuses and if necessary, be mentioned on receipts for customers.


Importance of Proof of completion

An item could go through various stages of the delivery process such as first-mile, mid-mile and last-mile until it finally reaches the hands of the recipient. POC works as a confirmation that the item has been successfully received, ensuring accountability between the sender and the recipient.

POC is also critical to increased delivery success rates by:

  • Facilitating productive and efficient deliveries
  • Identifying an error in case of a damage claim or missed delivery
  • Reducing post-delivery friction such as disputes against delivery claims


How Proof of completion works

Several options of the POC feature are supported in the MotionTools app. A driver can choose to use one or all of the options upon delivery, depending on what is made mandatory. Learn more about making certain POC options mandatory here.


Text note

The 'Note' field allows drivers to leave a note upon stop completion.



Drivers can collect signatures of recipients upon delivery to confirm that the item has been received.



MotionTools supports photo taking as well as photo uploads in the POC. This option is useful in cases where the driver doesn’t have internet connection in a building and could only complete the POC once connection resumes.


Configuring Proof of completion on your account

Enable and disable POC

Proof of Completion can be enabled or disabled for each Service of your account. Go to Settings > Services > select Service > Stops > enable Proof of stop completion.



Configure optional and mandatory fields for POC

The options supported can also be configured to make an option or a combination of options mandatory or optional.

For example, making the Text note optional but Photo and Signature mandatory or making only the Signature mandatory. All the possible combinations among these 3 options are supported. Feel free to reach out to to configure the POC that works best for your business needs.

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