Operations page for dispatchers


The Operations page is a simplified, condensed version of the Bookings Map view that displays the incoming and active bookings in one service area. This page helps dispatchers focus on what’s currently important for operations — manipulate bookings quickly, dispatching bookings and assigning them to drivers to complete the delivery.



Simplifying and enhancing your ops monitoring

The Operations page helps dispatchers simplify and enhance their operations by

  • Displaying a cleaner overview, showing only current and future bookings.
  • Categorizing booking statuses into groups for enhanced monitoring.
  • Using quick actions to act on bookings to be merged, dispatched or followed up on.
  • Improving tour building experience and only showing bookings that are relevant to the current state of operations.

Tour building

Dispatchers have easy access to tour building features by simply selecting bookings, allowing them to build tours efficiently with the existing Tour builder features.

Booking manipulation

The Operations page lets dispatchers edit tours and/ or manipulate booking statuses, such as merging bookings into tours, editing stops and tour routes, dispatching bookings and cancelling bookings.

Booking assignment

Drivers can be assigned to relevant bookings and bookings can be dispatched via the action bar. For more information, please read Navigating the Operations page.

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