Operations analytics


The Analytics page on the Dashboard provides you with metrics to evaluate important areas of operations such as incoming bookings, outgoing tours as well as various metrics about packages. Additionally, you can easily filter by date and service area.



Analytics metrics

In order to understand the different metrics, it is essential to understand the status model for services and for packages


Booking metrics

  • Total: Total number of bookings in all statuses
  • Open: Number of bookings not started by drivers (On Hold, Pickable, Scheduled, Claimed
  • Dispatched: Single bookings that have been merged into tours (Dispatched, Partially dispatched)
  • Active: Number of bookings currently En Route
  • Completed: Total number of bookings completed (Done, Paid, Processing Payments)
  • Cancelled: Total number of bookings cancelled

Tour metrics

  • Total: Sum of all tours in all statuses
  • Open: Sum of  tours not started by drivers (On Hold, Pickable, Scheduled, Claimed, Looking for Driver, Assigning)
  • Active: Number of tours currently En route
  • Completed: Total number of tours completed (Done, Paid, Processing Payments)
  • Cancelled: Total number of tours cancelled

Package metrics

  • Total: Sum of all packages in all statuses
  • Idle: Total number of packages created but not yet planned into tours (Created, At Hub, and Destination Needed)
  • Pending shipment: Total number of packages planned into tours (Package statuses include: Awaiting Pickup and Scheduled for Delivery)
  • On the road: Total number of En Route packages (Package statuses include: In transit and Out for Delivery)
  • Delivered: Total number of delivered packages 
  • Failed: Total number of failed packages
  • Cancelled: Total number of cancelled packages

Driver metrics

  • Total ⇒ Total number of drivers excluding anonymized
  • Online ⇒ Number of drivers that are online and available
  • Busy ⇒ Number of drivers that are en route with an active booking
  • Utilization ⇒ Percentage of the ratio between ‘Busy’ drivers and ‘Available’ drivers


Metrics aggregation

The Analytics page supports switching between the overview and list view which can be aggregated by date and service area.

  • Date range picker: Today, Tomorrow, Current week, Current month, Previous month, Custom
  • Service area selector: One, multiple or all service areas

The split view splits by service area to allow dispatchers to get an overview of many areas or hubs at once. It comes with a bunch of additional metrics such as backlog ratio and indicated the utilization rate of the regional workforce. 


Upcoming improvements

Future iterations will include metrics for monitoring commercial performance (e.g. gross & net revenue, driver earnings, discounts & vouchers) to provide operators with an all-rounded overview of the business. It is also planned to provide similar statistics on a per customer and per partner organization level. 

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