Manual dispatching


This article explains what manual dispatching is and how it relates to tour building and assigning as well as what it means for visibility towards drivers. We will also explain how to enable the manual mode.

Dispatchers can use this feature to drive the behavior of newly created bookings and tours. Manual dispatching is configurable per service and scheduling mode.

If enabled, all new bookings or created tours will be going into the "on hold" status per default. 


When to use this option?

Typically, manual dispatching is used in such scenarios:

  • Allow dispatchers to bundle incoming bookings into optimized tours without exposing any of the incoming bookings too early
  • Allow dispatchers to review the prepared tours
  • Assigning to preferred drivers while tours are still on hold and thus not visible to the workforce

Step-by-step guide

  1. Go to Settings > Services >Select a service.
  2. Click Dispatching.
  3. Enable Manual dispatching for Instant bookings, Scheduled bookings or both.


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