Manual dispatching


This article explains how manual dispatching influences booking assignment and how to configure this feature in your MotionTools account.

Admins can use the Manual dispatching feature to put bookings on hold and/ or release them immediately to eligible drivers upon creation. This feature is disabled by default, and is configurable per Service and per booking type (Instant or Scheduled).

Once enabled, bookings will be created in the ‘On hold’ status and will not be visible to drivers until they are manually dispatched by the dispatchers. Learn more about the Booking statuses we support.


When to use this option?

Typically, manual dispatching is used in such scenarios:

  • When tour building is involved — Dispatchers can merge bookings into an optimized tour before dispatching the tour to a driver to start. This workflow provides a better driver experience and reduces any confusion, such as if a booking were made visible but only to be put back on hold, for tour building.
  • Gives dispatchers time to check through the created bookings/ tours and make edits before giving to the drivers to accept and start the bookings.
  • Certain tasks that require drivers with certain skills to execute can benefit from this feature. It ensures that these bookings are first assigned to the relevant drivers while they are ‘On hold’ before actually dispatching to the preferred driver(s).


Step-by-step guide

  1. Go to Settings > Services >Select a service.
  2. Click Dispatching.
  3. Enable Manual dispatching for Instant bookings, Scheduled bookings or both.


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