Introduction to Auto-dispatching


The Auto-dispatching feature make Tours visible to drivers at a specified time. This feature is equivalent to clicking the ‘Dispatch’ button on the Dashboard as a dispatcher.

In this article we will cover the following topics:

  • Enabling auto-dispatching
  • Canceling auto-dispatching
  • Auto-dispatching of bookings


Enabling Auto-dispatching

To enable Auto-dispatching, the auto-dispatch time must be set for a tour. Dispatchers in the role of admins and org managers have the option to set this time when they create a new tour using the Webbooker or API.

Setting the auto-dispatch time in the Webbooker

Dispatcher in the role of admins and org managers can add the auto-dispatch time to any Tour on the Tour Details page.

auto-dispatch-time-booking-details.png Managing the auto-dispatch time on the Booking Details page

Additionally, they can add the auto-dispatch time when creating a new tour in the Merger.

auto-dispatch-time-merger.png Setting the auto-dispatch time when creating a new tour

Note that MotionTools doesn’t validate auto-dispatch time. It can be any time in the future and any time in the past. If it’s in the past, the auto-dispatching will be triggered upon saving the changes.

Once the Auto-dispatch time is set, the dashboard will display an icon on the Tour and Operations pages.


Canceling auto-dispatching

To cancel auto-dispatching, simply remove an auto-dispatch time from the Tour on the Details page.


Auto-dispatching of bookings

This feature is primarily build for tours to be made visible to drivers. However, it can also be used for bookings directly. 

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