Integration with invoicing and accounting tools


This article introduces the Integration between MotionTools and invoicing and accounting tools, which can be used to speed up the process of creating weekly or monthly grouped invoices towards customers and create reports for accounting purposes.


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Automatically create drafts of grouped invoices for each customer and their completed bookings of a certain period can save a lot of time.

When does it make sense to use this feature?

  • If your customers are using the invoice payment method.
  • If the accountant spends more then a half day per month creating monthly invoices.


  • Active subscription with MotionTools to use this feature.
  • The feature has been enabled by the customer success team of MotionTools

General Flow

  • Once enabled, we'll create the invoice as draft in your accounting tool, depending on the chosen configuration option for each customer. By default this would be on the 1st day of the month listing all completed bookings of the customer from the last month.
  • We use the customer email from MotionTools to search for the customer in the accounting tool.
  • If found we'd attach the invoice to the existing user
  • If no user with this email exists we'd create a new user in the accounting tool to then attach the invoice.
  • You can check the drafts and then send out the invoices to customers.
  • Most accounting tools support standard variables you can configure in your account, such as Header & Footer Text & Layout. The drafts would also take those into account.

Configuration Options

  • Our default frequency for invoice payments is monthly.
  • You can adjust the default frequency on customer level. Possible options are:
    • transactional -> created for each booking after completion
    • weekly -> Weekly on Mondays we'll create a grouped invoice for bookings completed in the last week
    • biweekly -> Every 2nd Monday we'll create a grouped invoice for bookings completed in the last 2 weeks
    • monthly -> On the 1st of each month we'll create a grouped invoice for bookings completed in the last month



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