What is an operator?

An "Operator" is a business that operates any kind of operative transportation or logistics service. An operator typically is actually performing the operative tasks themselves, meaning with their own workforce, their drivers. It is also possible that the operator outsources some or all of the work to third parties. They would still be called an operator, if they are doing all the orchestration of the operative work.


What's the relationship between the operator and MotionTools?

Operators can use MotionTools as their operating system to run their business on. This includes the whole journey from incoming bookings by a customer for a specific service all the way to tour building, driver assigning and the actual execution and completion of the tours and corresponding tasks. This means that the Operator is typically the Customer of MotionTools, contracting the MotionTools software for their business.

Most of the articles in this help center are written from the standpoint of an operator. When the term "customer" is used, we typically refer to the customer of that operator. The same applies to other roles like Dispatchers and Drivers. 

Each operator has their own tenant of MotionTools, which reflects the specifics of the services they offer to their customers. Owners and Managers of the operator typically have the user role "Admin", which comes with the most extensive set of permissions that MotionTools offers.


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