Preferred drivers

This article explains the influence on a driver when assigned as a preferred driver and how a preferred driver is assigned to a booking.



For instant bookings, the assigning process will start immediately and available drivers will have the chance to accept the Booking request. For scheduled bookings, the assigning process starts a certain time before the booking is scheduled to start. However, scheduled bookings can be seen in the 'Requests' list of the Driver app upfront.

Assigning preferred drivers to a booking influences which drivers can see it. Basically the preferred drivers feature allows to limit the visibility of a booking to the list of preferred drivers that are added to a booking. Preferred drivers can be set via the Dashboard or via API.


Steps to assign a preferred driver to a booking in the dashboard

  1. Click the Bookings on the dashboard. A preferred driver can be added either from the map or list view.
  2. Find the booking that you want to add a preferred driver to. You can filter unassigned bookings by statuses 'Scheduled', 'On hold' or 'Looking for driver', using the 'Select statuses' drop-down to narrow down the displayed bookings.
  3. Use the 'No preferred drivers' drop-down below a booking (in the map view) or in the 'Preferred driver' column (in the list view) to open a list with all drivers that are currently online.


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