Getting started as a dispatcher


A dispatcher is usually someone who holds an Admin or Organization manager user account and is in charge of tracking ongoing operations and delegating bookings to drivers. This article will explain how to get started with MotionTools as a dispatcher after bookings get created.

After bookings get created in MotionTools, the next steps for the dispatcher would be to monitor the ongoing operations, decide which bookings to bundle into optimized tours and dispatch tours to the drivers. Depending on your operations dispatchers may or may not need to build tours and/ or delegate bookings to drivers. Learn more about the dispatcher experience in the each of the detailed sections below.


Monitoring operations

A dispatcher’s role in tracking daily operations is important in ensuring things are in order. This person is usually keeping an eye on incoming bookings, driver locations and total workforce, monitoring driver performance to keep within the service-level agreements and more. Therefore understanding how to navigate the platform, customise the various views and identifying the features that are important in everyday operations will help dispatchers become more efficient at their job.

Learn more about how to enhance the dispatcher’s monitoring experience here.


Tour building

Next, the dispatcher may identify relevant bookings using various filters and bundle them into tours so that drivers are handed only one job that consists of multiple stops and customers. In order to maximize a driver’s time on the road and making sure that the bundled bookings meet the customer’s promised time, the dispatcher needs to understand the various tour building options MotionTools offers to make the best decision.

Read Get started with tour building to learn more about how to use the various tour building features to support your use case.



Finally, bookings and tours need to be manually or automatically assigned to drivers. Bookings can be automatically assigned with drivers depending on certain criteria such as by Service area and Capability. Introduction to matching features explains the 3 types of bookings we support and how each booking behaves based on matching. Please also read Assigning to learn more about booking assigning via the Dashboard or via API.

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