Monitoring operations


This article explains how to utilize MotionTools’ features to monitor operations efficiently a dispatcher.

The dispatcher is usually responsible for planning and tracking ongoing operations and delegating bookings to drivers. Learn how to navigate the MotionTools dashboard, toggle display options and customize booking views for the optimal monitoring experience.


Bookings view

The Bookings page is where dispatchers get an overview of bookings, availability of drivers and perform actions to manage their day-to-day operations. There is also the option to toggle between the Map view and the List view.



Booking card

Customer bookings are differentiated from Driver tours with the ‘Tour’ label attached next to the booking’s status in the booking card. The booking card also displays other important information or actions related to the booking. Learn more about the recent improvements made to this feature here.



Display options for the booking card

Some information on the booking card may not be relevant to the dispatcher’s daily operations. This view can be customized via Display options to only display the data that’s relevant.



Booking details page

More details about the booking can be seen in the booking details page. Dispatchers can also edit, duplicate and cancel bookings on this page.Dispatcherexperiencemonitoring_Booking_details.gif


Driver list

The list of available and busy drivers can be seen in the Driver list in the Map view. Dispatchers can:

  • Search for a specific driver by typing their first or last names into the Search field.
  • Hover over a specific driver’s name to see the actual driver location on the map.
  • See which booking the driver is currently busy with by clicking on the ‘Busy’ driver > Driver overview > Click View booking details below ‘Active booking’.



Booking filter

For more information on how to filter for relevant bookings, read here.

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