Capabilities enable transportation and delivery companies to offer customers booking options that align with their service offerings. For example, you can offer a vehicle size capability for the delivery service, with multiple choices such as a Small truck, a Medium truck, and a Large truck.

The capability options selected by a customer can impact the drivers that the booking can be matched with, as well as the price of the booking.



Creating and customizing capabilities

Each new tenant created on MotionTools has a pre-defined set of capabilities enabled according to the business details provided during registration. However, capabilities and their options can be customized to better suit service offerings. Customization includes adding or removing capabilities, using custom images, and translations. Capabilities can also be excluded from matching, serving solely as a price modifier, or simply providing supplementary information in the booking request. Please reach out to our Customer Success team to discuss customizations of capabilities.

Managing capabilities on the Dashboard

Although you can’t create or customize a capability without talking to the Customer Success team, you can enable or disable capabilities in the Dashboard settings. Capabilities are part of the Service, and you can find the list of currently enabled capabilities by going to Services → Service → Capabilities.

If your tenant has payments enabled, remember to update the price matrix after enabling a previously disabled capability option. If a customer tries to create a booking with a capability option for which the prices are not defined, they will receive an error message.


Basics of capability matching

If a capability impacts matching, the matching engine will ensure that a driver has the requested capability or better. For instance, if a customer requests a Medium truck, only drivers with Medium and Large trucks will be eligible for the request. Drivers with Small trucks won’t see the request.

Capabilities and scheduled bookings requests

By default, requested capabilities don’t impact a driver's eligibility for scheduled bookings. This means that a driver will receive a scheduled booking request even if they currently don't have matching capabilities. However, If your drivers always have the same capabilities, for example, each driver uses the same truck every day, you can enable this filtering. For that, please reach out to our Customer Success team.


Setting drivers’ capabilities

Drivers set their capabilities themselves every time they go online. They only select capabilities that impact matching.

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