Configure your business


This page explains how to configure basic business parameters on MotionTools.



  • A MotionTools tenant has been launched for you.
  • You have been invited as an admin to this tenant.
  • You signed your admin user up on your MotionTools tenant.


Basic steps


Advanced steps

  • Configure capabilities.
  • Define pricing.

Not all configurations can be adjusted in the dashboard yet. Please contact if to adjust advanced settings.


Invite team

Invite Admin users to your team to get access to all Tenant data and for managing other Users.

  1. Click on Settings, then click on Members.
  2. Click on Invite new members.
  3. Enter an email address & select the Admin role from the drop-down. To invite more than one member at a time, click Add row.
  4. Hit Invite.



Manage service areas

Define the area where your business operates. Read Manage service areas for more information on how to create, edit and manage service areas.


Configure schedule

Define operational rules for each service area, scheduling mode, booking parameters, opening hours, closed days as well as customer and driver related settings. Read Set up your scheduling configuration for more information.

You have the option to use a default scheduling configuration across all service areas, or define a separate scheduling configuration for each service area, especially for complex variations of operations.


Configure capabilities

A Capability defines the ‘parameters’ of a booking, such as categories and key attributes. Capabilities can be the type of vehicle or the service level that is made bookable for customers. Currently, these parameters cannot be configured via the Dashboard. Please reach out to configure Capabilities.


Configure pricing

Pricing can be defined via the Dashboard when payment method is enabled. Please reach out to enable this feature.

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