The dashboard is the primary interface of MotionTools. No matter if you are the business owner that wants to configure settings, a dispatcher to manage operations or a customer that wants to create a booking- all these people can use the Dashboard to interact with the MotionTools Platform. Each Operator that uses MotionTools has their own dashboard URL that they can share with their team, suppliers and customers. 



Dashboard usage by user roles

Business owners, can access all important data and can configure all aspects of their business. They use the "admin role". When you sign up with MotionTools for the first time, you automatically receive this role.

Dispatchers, that manage the day to day operations of a logistics service can also receive this admin role. Alternatively, if they are only responsible for certain regions or sub-organizations, they can also become "Organization Managers" of one or multiple Organizations. Dispatchers can use the dispatch tools and tour builder through the dashboard. Learn more about how to get started as a dispatcher

Customers can use the dashboard to create and manage bookings if the role is enabled for the tenant. The interface for customer is called customer portal

Drivers don’t receive access to the dashboard. All the driver tasks are handled via the Driver app.

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