Getting started with MotionTools

Basic guides to set up your tenant

This article explains how to get started with your MotionTools tenant. Got a question? Feel free to write us directly via chat in the dashboard or send us an email to


Detailed guides

Manage your user account

Learn more about how you can configure your user account in this article.


Configure your business

Before you can start to run your operations with MotionTools, there are a few important steps to take. Read more about how to invite your team, manage your service areas and configure your opening hours here.


Onboard a driver

To transport anything from point A to point B (regardless of goods or people), or simply getting a driver to complete a booking at a certain location, having the right drivers onboarded into your MotionTools tenant is important. Learn all about managing organizations and enabling them to execute your bookings using the driver app here.


Create a customer

Before a driver can execute a booking, a booking needs to be created. However, you need to create at least one customer in MotionTools before you can create a booking, as each booking belongs to a customer. Read more about creating a customer here.


Create a booking

Bookings represent a transportation service or servicing job and can be created in multiple ways. The most popular methods of creating bookings are using the Webbooker or creating them programmatically via API. Read more about booking creation here.


Execute a booking

Once a booking has been created (either by a customer or on behalf of a customer), a driver has been onboarded and has download the ‘MotionTools’ app, the next step is for the driver to execute a booking. Not all drivers have access to all bookings by default, as MotionTools has sophisticated and highly configurable matching rules that can help you to manage your operations in a smarter way. Read all about how to execute a booking in this article.

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