Getting started with MotionTools

Basic guides to set up your tenant 

This article explains how to get started with your MotionTools tenant. Got a question? Feel free to write us directly via chat when being logged into your dashboard or send us an email to If you dont have a tenant yet, please signup at 

MotionTools helps companies with a mobile workforce to manage and execute tasks efficiently and delight their customers. In a nutshell, customers create bookings, that consists of multiple stops, which are then merged into tours and assigned to drivers who are responsible for executing the tours using the driver app.

The basics - how does MotionTools work?

It all starts with your customers that want you to do a logistics service for them. These customers can either directly or indirectly create a so called booking in MotionTools. A booking is a request from a Customer to go to one or multiple Stops and complete Tasks. It is created directly in MotionTools, using the Webbooker. Alternatively it can be also triggered through an online shop, via API or another 3rd-party tool, on behalf of the Customer.

A Stop represents one or multiple tasks that need to be completed at a certain location. A stop can have a primary task, like a pickup or drop-off of a package and secondary tasks, like completing a checklist or collecting a proof of completing. A stop can be defined by customers as part of a Booking and can also be planned into tours by dispatchers. Stops that are exclusively added to a tour without being part of a booking are called custom stops.

A Tour is a set of stops which is assigned to a driver in order for them to execute it. Tours can consist of stops from customer bookings as well as custom stops that are only part of the tour. Tours typically are being route optimized to increase efficiency of the driver.


The details - where can i learn more about the basic concepts?

Manage your user account

Learn more about how you can configure your user account in this article.


Configure your business

Before you can start to run your operations with MotionTools, there are a few important steps to take. Read more about how to invite your team, manage your service areas and configure your opening hours here.


Onboard a driver

To run any type of logistics services, you typically need a workforce to actually do the job. We call this person a driver. Even if they do lots of qualified tasks onsite like repairing or cleaning, in MotionTools, we call them drivers becaue in the end of the day, they typically have to first drive somewhere to actually be able to do this job. In order for MotionTools to work properly for you business, it is crucial that you onboard that workforce of drivers (or mobile workers) to the system and that they download the MotionTools App. In MotionTools, we organize drivers into teams or suppliers, which we call Organizations. You can learn more about these topics over here.


Create a customer

Before a driver can execute a booking, a booking needs to be created. However, you need to create at least one customer in MotionTools before you can create a booking, as each booking belongs to a customer. Read more about creating a customer here.


Create bookings

A booking is a request from a Customer to go to one or multiple Stops and complete Tasks. It  can have a price attached to it and be for a certain service. A service is what an operator offers to their customers. For example, "same-hour delivery" could be a service. MotionTools has various preconfigured services that operators can use to reflect their business model. Read more about booking creation here.

Create a tour

While bookings represent what a customer wants you to do for them, it can be quite important to optimize these tasks before handing them over to your workforce. A typical way of optimizing is to merge multiple bookings into route optimized Tours. But if you want to do each booking independently, you can also convert them to Tours "as is" and assign them to drivers directly. All of this is done with the help of our Dispatching tools.


Execute a tour

Once a tour has been created, a driver has been onboarded and has download the ‘MotionTools’ app, the next step is for the driver to execute the tour. Not all drivers have access to all tours by default, as MotionTools has sophisticated and highly configurable matching rules that can help you to manage your operations in a smarter way. Read all about how to execute a tour in this article.

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